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Let's make this personal.

As a portrait photographer, I definitely have my own style of work. I'll light you, pose you and compose the portrait in my style, but this is still a portrait of YOU, and I want that to be clear!

It's why we do a deep dive even before you step foot in the studio to chat about why you want to create these portraits, and who you want to see in them.

I'll often ask you to give me 3 words to describe that person. It's more challenging than you would initially think- but it gives me so much insight into you as a person, and then I can do my thing in the studio to bring that to life in a portrait.

And for wardrobe? Yes, I have some general guidelines with regards to what will flatter you and what kind of fabrics would be visually interesting to look at in the frame (you can read more about that here), but clothing is definitely a beautiful way we express ourselves too. So if you're a person that wears a lot of color, or if you accessorize with big statement jewelry or eye-glasses, then this is something I want to make sure I include in your portrait!

Another way to make your portraits even more personal, is to add something of significance to the frame.

I am always open to hearing about what you're envisioning.

I've had a client that was a creative soul, who always wore scarves and accessorized. We created a backdrop out of her scarves, for her to lay on.

I've had another beautiful client bring a pink hard hat to wear to her session- because this signified a juxtaposition of her career paths and what made her HER.

I've had clients mention that their tattoos held a lot of significance, so I would make sure to pose them in a way that they were captured in frame.

Do you have jewelry that was gifted to you by someone special? You can bet that I will ask you to bring that in, so I can take a close up shot of it boldly on display.

If you're inspired by a quote? I want to hear it so I can head to your session with intention to capture that visually in a portrait.

So yes, the portraits are in my style, but they are of you. And I do make sure they're personal! ;)

So tell me, what would you include in your photographs?

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