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What to wear for your Photoshoot?

Styling significantly elevates the look of your portraits. And it's why I make sure we discuss it during our consultation when we design your session.

I always ask what mood you want your portraits to convey (ex: ethereal and romantic, polished and professional etc. )so that we can guide you in selecting the best types of garments to bring along to accomplish this look.

Everything from color, to fit and fabric type plays a role.

And while each session is customized, I do have some general tips:

  • Form fitting clothes are actually the most flattering fit. They don't hide the beautiful shapes that we create through posing and don't add extra material to your frame.

  • Visually interesting necklines and fabrics add a unique element to the photographs. Think beads, sequins, lace, sheer fabrics, flowing fabrics that we can throw etc.

  • Shop, rent or borrow from friends! I believe that everyone already has something in their closet that will work (I'm talking about that dress that you love but never get the chance to wear- you know you have one!), but in case you truly don't, you can always shop for the perfect outfit, rent one, or borrow from your friends' wardrobes.

  • Some items don't have to be a perfect fit. While yes, they should still fit you reasonably well, it's OK if a dress doesn't zip up all the way. We can pose around it! And if it's a bit too loose? We can pin it at the back and none will be the wiser!

  • I also recommend considering you have the appropriate style/color undergarments for each choice of clothing, (ex: nude colored under white, black under black, strapless for a strapless dress etc). It's so easy to overlook but can actually determine whether a look will work or not.

  • Monochromatic looks (same color from head to toe) can lengthen you visually and can create a sleek look.

  • Go for something that makes you feel great- if you're not someone that likes dressing up, don't feel like you have to. Casual looks with a cute sweater/top and jeans photograph beautifully too. I want you to love your images, and you need to feel like yourself in them!

  • Coordinating colors and styles with those that will be joining your photo-session easily creates a cohesiveness to your portrait.

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