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30 over 30 Portrait Series

In late August I launched the 30 over 30 portrait series aimed at highlighting 30 incredible women over the age of 30.

Women are under-represented in the media and the mature woman even more so.

I wanted a change in the narrative about women and aging and to have them share their stories in their own words and to celebrate who they are and where they are on their journey.

Each woman that signs up has her own portrait session and is asked questions about her views on what it is to be a woman over the age of 30. At the end of the series each woman will receive a copy of a magazine I will create especially for this series that features each woman and her journey.

My hope is that as I begin posting the images and snippets of the stories that these beautiful women share, that it will inspire someone else to show up, take space and show the world what it really is to be a woman thriving over the age of 30!

Below is an image of the absolutely stunning Sherry, age 58! During her interview Sherry stated,

"I felt most confident I would say....really right now. I know who I am. I know where I'm going. I know what I want."

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