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Why you'll LOVE your Reveal Box.

Updated: Jun 18

I know a lot of you may have a drawer at home somewhere filled with USB sticks or hard-drives containing your photographs. But how many of those photographs do you actually print, look at, display and enjoy? I wholeheartedly believe we need to #existinphotographs and #existinprint. It's why, as a photographer I make sure each portrait you choose comes both digitally and in print, and if you select a collection, your portraits come in a beautiful Reveal Box so you can cherish them for years to come.

Unlike an album, the Reveal Box (made in Italy and of Vegan-leather) will contain separately mounted and matted prints meaning you can rotate which one you want on display under the box’s frame-like lid. It also means that you can gift, frame or display individual portraits, and if there’s room- even add more photographs to the box from your future portrait sessions.

It is a gorgeous piece will house your portraits and be the perfect addition to your home standing vertically on a shelf or laying flat on your coffee table.

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