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What do you want your portraits to say about you?

What drew me to portraits was capturing the essence of a person. It started off with documenting candid moments. I would see a moment of reflection, or of joy. I would see the way someone's nose crinkled up when they smiled or the way they would gaze at someone they loved and I would photograph it. I always loved that those images said so much more about a person than a "say cheese" snapshot ever could.

In them you could see warmth, strength, a genuine smile, pensiveness, confidence, cheekiness, etc- they were a peak into the real person!

I wanted to capture that in the kind of portrait that you would have on your mantelpiece, wall or keepsake box- a legacy portrait. The kind of portrait that you can admire, reflect on and say, "Yes, this was me when I was 20...30...40...50...60+". I wanted to create gorgeous portraits that highlight and document who you are. The kind of portraits that you would gift from generation to generation and that families would have on the walls of their home as a constant reminder of the people that they love.

This is so much more than a photograph, it's a legacy and I would love to create yours.

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