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Selecting Your Portraits

What is the process of culling portraits?

Depending on the number of people joining you for your photosession- I may show 20-60 retouched images at your reveal session. But before that, I will cull.

That's when I will go through all the portraits from your session and curate the best ones. What is it that I'm looking for?

The number one thing is connection/expression. To me that is what I love most about a portrait- beautiful connection will trump everything else.

It's hard to describe, but I feel like a lot of times it's captured when that wall comes down, when you're relaxed and you're owning your space. But sometimes it's this authenticity in the moment that I feel is captured too.

A subject in an image can have a beautiful pose, be lit well, and be styled well - but if there's no connection- it's just not an image I will select.

Next I will look at things like hand placement, hair and posing. Sometimes it's the smallest thing that will elevate a portrait, like a micro-expression, softer hands, chin placement, the way the fabric flows etc.

In the end, I'll have a collection of the best portraits from your session and then you get to decide which ones you love most and want to take home.

Collections go home in a beautiful reveal box. Click here if you haven't already seen the post about why you'll LOVE one of your own.

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