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Exist in Print

I've previously written about existing in photographs (if you're unfamiliar with the movement you can read more about my thoughts on it here).

Today however, I'd like to talk about existing in PRINT in particular.

USB sticks get lost, hard drives fail , external drives get damaged.

Yes, you should absolutely save your images digitally, but make sure to print them too.

There is truly nothing like having a tangible print to hold or hang up in your home. It has been shown that when children see portraits of themselves and their family members, it gives them an increased sense of value and belonging.

Printed portraits are also one of the few things that increase in value as time goes on. As the years pass, the faces change, and our family members get older, we cherish more and more the photographs that have documented our lives and our loved ones' lives.

And when we lose a loved one? Those portraits are priceless.

The other day, my studio sample arrived- a gorgeous portrait that was printed, mounted and matted in Italy and almost as big as me. It nearly brought me to tears- and it isn't even of one of my own family members!

(Don't mind the camera phone photo of it- it does it no justice, and I'll be updating this soon.)

I would love every home to have a beautiful portrait on the wall.

"We don't own our family history, we simply preserve it for future generations" - Rosemary Alva.

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