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Behind the scenes of the portrait experience.

If you've never had your portrait taken before you may be wondering what a photoshoot might look like behind the scenes!

I've photographed internationally and from places like a living room in Abu Dhabi to a castle in Italy, but a timeless portrait really only needs a couple of things- beautiful light and someone in front of the lens.

We always start the session with hair and make up- from there we have a few wardrobe and set changes, and I'll usually be making minor adjustments to your hair and the fit of your clothes. Mostly, you'll simply be mirroring me as I guide you through the poses and expressions.

Sometimes we'll be dancing and swishing dresses around, or telling jokes to get you to laugh, sometimes we'll be throwing fabric or throwing hair and sometimes we'll have you lying in a bed of flowers, it really depends on the kind of portraits you want to create.

It was really important to me that I create an experience to go along with your portraits, a space where you could be pampered, celebrated and be seen.

I LOVE looking at behind the scenes photographs as it really transports me back to each session.

Below you'll find a small gallery of some of my previous portrait sessions. Enjoy!

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